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 Rules, You, Read, Now

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PostSubject: Rules, You, Read, Now   Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:59 pm

Here are the rules.

1)Be nice! I want you to respect all the members. If you break this rule you get 1 warning before you're banned.
2)No porn! If you post anything pornographic you're banned immediately
3)Nothing illegal! see rule #2
4)No godmodding! You get 1 warning.
5)Don't bring anything into an RP that isn't supposed to be there. Meaning no pirates in Naruto and the like. 1 warning
6)Don't RP with a character until it's approved by me. 1 warning
7)No going to a shop in the middle of a battle. 2 warnings
8)If you see someone breaking the rules, please PM me. You won't get in trouble for not doing this, but I can't catch everything, and I'll consider you for a moderator position

These are all the rules for now, I may add more later.

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Rules, You, Read, Now
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