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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Jan 15, 2008 2:15 pm

Here's the requirements for your character:

Faction-Autobot, Decepticon, or Neutral
Alternate form-Vehicles aren't the only things allowed. You can also be giant pistols, laser cannons, giant mechanical animals, and others.
Weapons(alt form)
Rank-Optimus Prime and Megatron are still the leaders, but once we get further into the game that MAY be able to change...
Secret Mini-Con weapon

Here's the story:
The Allspark, source of all life on Cybertron, has shattered into 50 pieces, each piece spreading across the universe. Both Factions want all the pieces, whether it's to rebuild Cybertron(Autobots), or to rule the universe(Decepticons). The main goal for every Transformer is to retrieve the pieces of the Allspark. When a piece is found, a battle determines which faction gets it. However, pieces can be taken if an Autobot can defeat a Decepticon in possession of one, or vice-versa. If all 50 pieces are possessed by one Faction, that faction wins. The fate of the universe is in your hands, whether you protect, or destroy.

An important concept is Mini-Cons. Like the Allspark pieces, Mini-Cons are scattered across the universe. If you find a Mini-Con, you can attach it to yourself to temporarily gain a more powerful weapon than normal. Remember, the weapon is only temporary, after it's used up, the Mini-Con disappears, and you'll have to find a new one. A Mini-Con weapon last for 5 uses.




Allspark Pieces


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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:26 pm

name graceterror
faction autobots
alt form is the m1 sherman colliope
weapon (robot) is 32 small battle rifles
weapon (vehicle) is 402 rockets and a cannon
Rank (is unknown he barley is around and goes aound with grace)
Personality He is the nearest thing to ironhide to weaponry and con blow stuff up without a second thought very tepramental toward decepticons.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:27 pm

approved, but from now on please go to submissions

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PostSubject: Re: Rules   

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