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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 2:16 pm

Basically, all the superheroes and supervillains of the Multiverse have come together for the ultimate battle. You pick 3 superheroes/supervillains to start with, but first, there are rules:

-Several characters, like Superman or Galactus, are overpowered or immortal. I will allow them to be chosen, but you have to make them less powerful than they really are. For example, Superman can be used, but he can still be injured without using Kryptonite.

-Any characters can be put together as a team. So yes, Spider-Man and Green Goblin are allowed to work together.

-In general, the characters used are from traditional American comics. If you know any Japanese superheroes feel free to use them, but NO NARUTO OR ONE PIECE! They do seem superhuman at times, but keep them in the anime manga war.

-You can use alternate universe versions of characters, like Spider-Man 2099 or the Marvel Zombies.

Next is skills. These determine what a character's general powers are. They are intelligence(INT) strength(STR) speed(SPD) Durability(DUR) energy projection(EPR) and fighting skills(FIS). Level ranges from 1(worst) to 7(best). I'll break them down:

INT-how smart they are, from 1(severely impaired) to 7(omniscient)

STR-how much they can lift, from 1(less than own body weight) to 7(over 100 tons). Example: Professor X has a 1, due to being paraplegic.

SPD-how fast they move, from 1(immobile) to 7(warp speed). Example: teleporters have high SPD, and Professor X has a 1.

DUR-how many hits they can take, from 1(weak) to 7(virtually indestructible)

EPR-how much energy they can control, from 1(none) to 7(all forms). Example: anyone who can't make energy shoot out has a 1. Having a 1 in this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

FIS-how much they know in the way of combat, from 1(none) to 7(all forms)

The average human has these stats:

Please put only one 7 on a character, for the sake of balance.

The unit of currency is dollars($)

Please include this info for each of your 3 characters:
Secret Identity(if available)
Appearance(picture preferred)
Skill Levels

Have fun, and remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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