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PostSubject: Marketplace   Marketplace Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 4:03 pm

Capsules(hold things like vehicles and houses. Can be used to bring out and put away what was originally held in them. About the size of an average pill)
Motorcycle Capsule-5000 zenni
Car Capsule-10000 zenni
House Capsule-50000 zenni

Scouter(used to measure power levels and find people and items. Placed on eye)-5000 zenni

Senzu Bean(Used for healing)-100 zenni

Training(add 1 new technique)-10000 zenni

Saibaman Seed(temporarily summon a saibaman to fight for you. Saibamen are green, about 3' tall, and can self-destruct)-10000 zenni

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