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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 2:22 pm

Here's the required info:

Race-Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Furry, Alien, 1/2-Saiyan, Android, or Demon
Hair Color
Eye Color
Weapons-all forms of weapon accepted
Techniques-only 3 for now
Race Techniques

Allow me to describe the races. All races can fly and use ki blasts:

Human:Not much to describe.

Saiyan & 1/2-Saiyan-Have monkey tails, which can be removed. Young who have tails removed by any way other than surgery will eventually regrow their tails. All Saiyans have black hair, while 1/2-Saiyans have either black hair or hair the same color as their human parent. If a Saiyan or 1/2-Saiyan with a tail sees a full moon, they become an Oozaru(giant weremonkey) until the moon disappears. An Oozaru's power level is 10x the power level of it's standard form. Some Saiyans can make a fake full moon that works just as well as the real thing. Young Saiyans who turn Oozaru have no control over their actions, but older Saiyans have complete control in Oozaru form. Saiyans cannot become Oozarus if thay have no tail. Finally, Saiyans and 1/2-Saiyans can turn into Super Saiyans once they store up enough ki. There are 4 Super Saiyan levels:
SS:Hair turns gold and stands up
SS2:Hair grows longer. More powerful than SS.
SS3:Hair grows to knee-length. More powerful than SS2.
SS4:Hair returns to original color and fur grows on torso. If a Saiyan had no tail, They grow one in SS4, but it disappears after returning to normal. If a SS4 Saiyan sees the full moon, they become a Golden Oozaru. Most powerful of Saiyan forms.

Namekian-appears human except for green skin, pointed canine teeth, and 2 antennae. Namekians can regenerate their bodies in any way as long as their head is intact. Also, 2 Namekians can permanently fuse together. One Namekian is the host, which absorbs the second one's body, making the host more powerful. Can only be done if both Namekians agree to it.

Furry-Works the same way as a human, except that a furry is an anthropomorphic animal. There have been Furries of dogs, pigs, rabbits, bears, and even lizards. Furries can also learn how to shapeshift by going to shapeshifting school. Those who pass can fully shapeshift. Those who fail can still shapeshift, but a transformation lasts only 5 minutes and the Furry has to wait 1 minute before shapeshifting again.

Alien-Aliens come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but PC Aliens only differ from humans in appearance.

Android-Androids are basically robotic humans. Some Androids can absorb other Androids to become more powerful.

Demon-Demons work the same way as Furries, they just look different.

Now techniques. Here is a list of some of the techniques that can be used. If you can't find 3 you like, you can invent your own, but it MUST be reasonable, meaning no 1-hit kill attacks.

Ki Blast-small blast of energy. Does not count towards your 3 techniques, because everyone can use ki blasts.

Kamehameha-Huge blast of energy.

Destructo Disk-Spinning disk of energy capable of slicing through objects

Special Beam Cannon-Spiraling beam of energy somewhat similar to a drill

Solar Flare-Burst of energy which blinds everyone except the user

Tri Beam-Incredibly powerful blast of energy. However, it drains some life energy from the user, and can kill the user if they are severely weakened.

Kaioken-Temporarily increases your power level. Starts with Kaioken x2, which doubles your power level, but can be used multiple times to increase your level even further. Has been known to go as high as Kaioken x20.

Spirit Bomb- draws spirittual energy from all beings in the area to make a huge ball of energy. The more beings in the area, the more powerful the Spirit Bomb. If powerful enough, the user can draw spiritual energy from everyone on the planet.

Gallic Gun-Same as Kamehameha

Masenko-Sphere of energy concentrated into your palm

Big Bang- Explosive blast of energy comes from your body.

Insta-Transmission-User focuses on the ki of a person, then the user and everyone touching the user teleports to the target's location. Can even be used to teleport to someone on another planet.

Makosen-Same as Kamehameha

Scattershot-fires multiple balls of energy that hone in on the opponent.

Final Flash-Same as Kamehameha, but more powerful.

Ki is the form of energy used for attacks (like Chakra for all the Naruto fans) The unit of currency is zenni, and everyone starts with 10000 zenni.

Now for Fusion. There are several pairs of Potarra Earrings scattered across the world. If you find a pair, you can keep them. To use them, put 1 earring on your ear and the other earring on the ear of the person you'll fuse with. Finally, do the Fusion Dance. The 2 people will temporarily fuse into one new being more powerful than the originals. The new being knows all the techniques of the originals, and if both of the original beings were Saiyan or 1/2-Saiyan, the new being can become SS, SS2, SS3, and SS4, and if both beings had their tails, the new being can become an Oozaru.

Finally, Dragonballs. The 7 Dragonballs are magical orbs that are scattered across the world. If someone collects all 7 and puts them together, they will summon the Dragon God Shenlong, who will grant 1 wish. Any wish can be granted with these exceptions:
1)You CANNOT wish for more wishes
2)You CANNOT wish for the death of any other character
3)You CANNOT wish for immortality. Although it has been done in the series, it causes an imbalance in the game, so it can't be done in here.
4)You CAN wish for any one item or weapon
5)You CAN wish for up to 50000 zenni
6)If you died, you CAN have someone wish you back to life, but only ONCE. However, you can still play even after death, because there are still battles in the afterlife. In fact, you can't enter the Otherworld Tournament unless you're dead.

After a wish is made, the Dragonballs re-scatter.

If you find an unowned Dragonball, you get to keep it. If you find a player with a Dragonball, you can fight them for it. Whoever wins gets to keep it.

There are 2 sets of normal Dragonballs: the Earth Dragonballs and the Namek Dragonballs, which are identical except for these differences:
1)The Earth set is on Earth, and the Namek set is on Namek(obviously)
2)The Namek set summons the Namekian Dragon God Porunga
You CANNOT use Earth balls and Namek balls combined. You must use 7 Earth balls or 7 Namek balls.

Now, to mention the 3rd set: The Black Star Dragonballs. When all 7 of these are collected, they summon Red Shenron. The wishing rules are the same as before, except this: you can wish to kill an NPC character. But, the Black Star set has a side effect: If the Black Star Dragonballs aren't re-collected within 1 year, the planet that the wish was made on will be destroyed. Once they are re-collected, you CANNOT make a wish. If you do, they re-scatter and you have a year to find them. So, although you can make a wish after re-collecting them, you have to find them again to prevent the destruction of the planet.

That is all for now. Have fun.


Dragonball Owners
1-Star Ball:
2-Star Ball:
3-Star Ball:
4-Star Ball:
5-Star Ball:
6-Star Ball:
7-Star Ball:
1-Star Namek:
2-Star Namek:
3-Star Namek:
4-Star Namek:
5-Star Namek:
6-Star Namek:
7-Star Namek:
1-Star Black:
2-Star Black:
3-Star Black:
4-Star Black:
5-Star Black:
6-Star Black:
7-Star Black:

Rules Fastfo10 Rules Kimima10 Rules Gundam10

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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 5:15 pm

Can you take the Info From The RP in NTS?
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PostSubject: Re: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 5:19 pm

I put it in submission.

Rules Fastfo10 Rules Kimima10 Rules Gundam10
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