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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 3:17 pm

Here's the character sheet:

Class-Soul Reaper, Quincy, Arrancar, or Hollow(yes, Hollows are a choice)
Zanpaku-to's name-Soul Reapers and Arrancars only
Shikai Ability-Soul Reapers only
Bankai Ability-Soul Reapers only
Resurreccion-Arrancars only
Abilities-Hollows only

Basically if you know Bleach you'll be fine, but I should mention playing as a Hollow. Hollows cannot buy things from Urahara's Shop, but if a Hollow kills someone they become a Hollow. If a Hollow's head is destroyed, they die. If you're playing as a Hollow you can undergo a ritual to become an Arrancar, a former Hollow with Soul reaper Abilities. You can temporarily return to Hollow form by using your zanpaku-to's Resurreccion. If a Hollow is killed they become a spirit that goes to either the Soul Society(good) or Hell(evil). Good or Evil depends on the Hollow's life as a human.

Everyone besides Hollows starts with 10000 coins (placeholder until I know the name of the currency). Also, some Hollows have bounties depending on how dangerous they are. A Hollow has 2500 coins added to its bounty every time it kills a Soul Reaper. The person who kills the Hollow gains its bounty.

That's all, so have fun.

Soul Reapers
Cheezbob325-Isuke Yokai
Dark Reaper-Rein Zakuha




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