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PostSubject: Marketplace   Marketplace Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 3:25 pm

Here's the rules.

1)Only 1 pet per person. Den Den Mushis aren't pets.

Here are the items:

Light Medicine(light wounds)-100
Medicine(medium wounds)-500
Full Medicine(heavy wounds or unconciousness)-1000
Log Pose(compass for use in the Grand Line, because normal compasses don't work)-1000
Eternal Pose(compass that always points to 1 specific island. Say what island it points to when you buy one)-1000
Seastone(cancels out Devil Fruit powers)-1000
Seastone Shackles(holds 1 person who uses Devil Fruit powers)-5000
Seastone Cage(holds 5 people who use Devil Fruit powers)-10000
Den Den Mushi(snails used as telephones. Babies are cellphone-sized, but can't take international calls. Normal ones are larger, but can take international calls)-Babies are 1000, Normal ones are 2000
Fishing Rod-1000
Cloud Fox(small white fox)-10000
Rumble Ball(gives extra forms to Zoan Fruit users, like Human Human and Ox Ox. Lasts 3-5 minutes. If 3 are eaten in less than 6 hours, you go into Monster Point, going into a berserker rage harming enemies, allies, and yourself)-1000

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