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 Rules of RTA

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PostSubject: Rules of RTA   Rules of RTA Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 6:33 pm

Here are teh rules

There are Classes;
and most of class time is spent with your group; in Dark Martial Arts Class.

In DMAC, instead of tests, you are to battle an opponent from another group (groups are in five students; four groups per class)
You can get rough, but nothing lethal; The objective is to yank off your opponent's hood (cloaks are the school uniform)
If you cannot keep your hood on for more than 30 seconds, you will be expelled.

Now for ranks;
for every opponent you defeat; your level goes up one point.
0-19=lower class
20-29=middle class
30 and up=high class

Student I.D. :
For security reasons, students have student I.D.'s which displays your name, birth date, current rank, special permissions(see uniform), as well as a picture of yourself.

the uniform code is merely to wear the RTA cloak; however, students can request a special permit to print on their student I.D., but they should have a hat or hood, for DMA
The Uniform may also display your rank publicly:
all the lower class gets is the black cloak, nothing special
middle class gets a patch with the Rose Thorn Academy symbol on it (a rose w/ a snake coiled around it)
High class gets the patch and gold trimmings on the cloak.
The teachers wear cloaks and masks, blank masks with eyeholes only.

Campus and dorms:
Each group is assigned their own dorms to live and sleep in; the school has a mess hall for a free breakfast, lunch, and dinner; but you are also allowed to go off campus to the supermarket, restaurants, the local tea shop, and the ramen shop. However; all students are to be in their dorms before the 10:00 curfew

P.S. Hall fights are NOT tolerated!
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Rules of RTA
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