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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 2:11 pm

Based on the One Piece manga/anime. Here's the character sheet:

Hair Color
Eye Color
Class- either a pirate, navy/marine, pirate hunter, or criminal. also, list your rank
Organization-the organization you lead or are a part of. You can ask to join someone else's organization, but you can't join until they say it's OK.
Weapon(optional)-anything from swords to tonfa
Devil Fruit(optional)- a full list of known fruits is here You can request to use a fruit you created, but I have to say it's OK (for balance reasons) finally, each fruit can only be used by 1 person, so first come, first serve
Bounty(if any)
Name of Ship(pirate captains only)

Unit of currency is bellies/berries. You start with 10000 bellies

Pirate captains and crimanal organization leaders can recruit NPC members for a price, depending on the type of NPC. Here are the prices;
Normal human, unarmed-100
Normal human, armed-500
Devil Fruit user, unarmed-1000
Devil Fruit user, armed-2000
You can only have 2 Devil Fruit users in an organization (excluding Marines) including PCs and NPCs.

You can gives pets, store bought guns, and store bought swords a Devil Fruit, but only Zoan Fruits(see link) You can only do this with 1 pet or weapon.

Devil Fruits taken
Sand Sand Fruit
Dice Dice Fruit

Cheezbob325-Kura Zomoro
kenshin1989-Lara Tsubame

Kura's Zomoro pirates

Rules Fastfo10 Rules Kimima10 Rules Gundam10
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